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Kipware® Conversational CNC Programming Software

The truth is ...
not EVERY job requires CAD/CAM ...
and oftentimes CAD/CAM is OVERKILL !!

Kipware Conversational Programming Software

Why Conversational software?

  • The truth is that for the 95% of programming done in shops around the world every day ... CAD/CAM is OVERKILL ... can slow down your programming process ... and even cost you money in lost efficiency.
  • No one can deny that CAD/CAM is a great tool ... but putting EVERY programming job through a CAD/CAM system is NOT the right approach ... especially in a production environment.
  • Conversational software can allow good chipmakers and beginner programmers to create G code programs for the simpler everyday workpieces ... adding efficiency to your shop floor ... and leaving the complex programming to the "CAD/CAM guy".
  • Kipware® conversational is a powerful tool to help shops beat the skills shortage ... while providing personnel with a tool that can help train G code programming at the same time.

How Does Kipware® Conversational Differ from CAD/CAM ?

  • Real World Shops know that for the simpler everyday programming ... a CAD drawing and CAD experience ... is not required. Kipware® creates G code programs without the use or the need for a CAD drawing or model.
  • Kipware® uses a simple fill in the blank format and includes powerful built-in intelligence to allow allow anyone to create powerful G code programs for those everyday toolpaths which include features like cutter comp and canned cycles.
  • Allowing good chipmakers and non-CAD/CAM personel to create the everyday programming ... gives your shop floor another level of efficiency with a faster turn-around.
  • CAD/CAM systems are expensive and complex ... requiring a lot of training ... but Kipware® conversational is affordable and easy to use.
  • The simple interface enables more of your shop to create G code programs...breaking up shop floor programming bottlenecks.
  • For "non-standard programming ... Kipware® conversational includes our powerful and intuitive Kipware® SketchPad. SketchPad allows you to import your DXF file or draw your non-standard toolpath directly.
  • No Post Processors ... Kipware® creates "Fanuc compatible" ( that includes Haas machines) and Okuma code out of the box ... code that functions on 95% of machine controls in the market including all Fanuc, Okuma, Haas, Mach3 controls, EMC and most others.
  • The simple fill-in-the-blank (conversational) concept allows anyone to create G code programs ... and include COMPLEX programming like CUTTER COMPENSATION ... RAMP PLUNGING ... LEAD IN / LEAD OUT moves ... because they are all created AUTOMATICALLY by Kipware®.